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Creative Direction, Content Production, Visual identity and Retail Design for the original Californian heritage Surf Brand - O'Neill. Leading the overall global direction, operating out of the European HQ in Amsterdam.

Hyperfreak Fire


The O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire range focuses on extreme warmth, high performance, increased durability, and comfort.  This award winning wetsuit franchise demanded creative that could be leveraged for he next 4 years, resulting in my team creating and developing global assets for global distribution among DTC channels., distributors and wholesale partners.  Working closely with the original O'Neill family, we developed all of the final art direction, copywriting, design guidelines, logo creation in partnership with Baked.


In Between Lines honours that place of waiting we experience in the snowboarding, kitesurfing, and surfing communities. To visually depict this lifestyle, the campaign went in search of three protagonists to lead in the film and asked them to express what that  in-between feeling is about. The result was a series of films, showcasing O'Neills new Outdoor Collection, remaining authentic in the space of surf without trying to be the next The North Face or Arcteryx. Athlete storytelling was integral to the campaign in order to showcase real life emotions and appeal to this unique niche audience.

In Between Lines

Snow is only Frozen Water

One of Jack O'Neill's most famous quotes is “Snow is only frozen water”. With that idea comes the fact there are parallels across  board sports.With Surfing and Snowboarding there is no doubt that the feeling of riding powder and the feeling of riding a wave is uncanny. In this campaign we wanted to pay homage to our late founder, but draw inspiration from visual cues of riding powder vs. riding waves resulting in a beautiful display of riding from the Team O'Neill Riders.

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